A Healing Spell That Uses Knots


You can use knot magic together with a simple incantation to restore your health or that of someone else. The spell draws power from number 6, usually associated with the sun, and drawing its restorative and regenerative power. The same number is also linked with family love, nurturing and service to other people. It’s very appropriate to cast the spell on behalf of another person.

Royal blue and indigo are the colors associated with number 6. So you should use a cord of either of these hues to make the magic stronger. You need salt, a piece of cord about 8 inches long, paper, a tin, a fountain pen, cellotape or sealing wax. Mark the length 6 times, equally to make sure you have 7 equal intervals.

Tie a knot at each mark by starting with the two middle ones, followed by those at both ends and finish with the ones in the middle. Each time you tie a knot, you should repeat the following words,

‘sickness, no one needs you to stay,
if you please, go away.
By these knots, I say, depart
and leave me (or the other person) in better heart
and let it be done that it harm none.’

Next, you should write the same words on the paper, put the cord in the tin and fill it up with salt. Seal up the tin and bury it under a favorite bush or tree.

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