A General Health Spell For A Sunday


Sunday is the day to cast a health spell. You want to wait until the moon is almost full before you begin. Decorate your altar in yellow or green before you begin.

Gather together the following materials. You need an item cast out of gold, a white candle for the altar, a green taper candle, either roses or daffodils, and a crystal (clear crystal quartz).

Light the white candle and give it your full attention. Think about the person you want to bless with good health. Visualize them whole again. If you want to cast the spell for yourself, that is fine.

As you think about the person that needs to be healed, set the green candle ablaze. As the flame gets stronger, visualize the person getting stronger and stronger. Then, say the following words.

Body feel better. Body be strong.
Let loose in a joyful song.
Perfect health to ***** restore,
and make it that way evermore.
Let it be done, and it harm none.

Close out the ceremony when the last candle dies out.

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