A Spell For Bringing Back A Friendship


For many years, mistletoe, horse chestnuts and maples have helped to restore friendships after an argument. Ash trees have also been valuable; look for one that has a division right on top of the base. Ideally, you should be able to pass through it fairly easily.

You also need a long scarf that can go around the width of the tree. Gripping it in your hand, pass through the tree nine times in a counter clockwise direction. Say the following words.

Forget the pain,
Allow friendship to reign.
Let it be done, and it harm none.

If it is not possible to go through the tree, circle it instead. Once you have said the words above, move clockwise either around or through the tree, nine more times. Say these words.

Let the grudge end,
and hurt feelings mend.
Let it be done, and it harm none.

Tie the scarf around the tree, making three knots at the end. As you are fastening the knots, say the following words.

First knot, sadness end.
Second knot, befriend.
Third knot, ease the pain,
Allow love to be again.
Let it be done, and it harm none..

Once you have given your gratitude to the tree, head back to your house. Think about calling or writing the person that you have argued with. Is there any reason why you shouldn’t? Making peace is always the best answer.

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