A Spell For Helping Families Get Along


Families go through good and bad times. Most of the time, the bad times end quickly and the good times keep rolling. However, it isn’t outside of the realm of possibility that an argument could cause relationships within a family to become strained. In these instances, it often seems like nothing will help to restore peace. This spell is most valuable what that happens. Cast it on a Friday evening.

Gather together a bowl of water, a pink taper candle, either a rose quartz crystal or rose essential oil and morning glory (or meadowsweet, violets, tuberose).

When all your other family members are in bed, head to your sacred space and consecrate the ingredients. Once you are finished, light the candle. Watch the flame. As it gains strength, visualize feelings of happiness and peace flowing through your home. Take your time. There is no need for this to be over quickly. Instead, see the visualization through to the end.

Add either the rose quartz or the essential oil to the water. Raise the blooms to the flame of the candle and observe as they fill with love and happiness. Once that process is complete, bring the flowers and the water with you as you circle through the entire house. Walk around the exterior of the property as well. As you walk, moisten the flowers and sprinkle droplets on your short journey. Be especially careful to do this in the places where a lot of arguing takes place. For example, the kitchen seems to be a hot spot for many families. In addition to undertaking this task, say the following words as well.

Water flowing. Blooms bright.
Bring happiness and love tonight.
Make this family a happy one.
So say I, this spell is done.
Let it be done, and it harm none.

In a short period of time, your family’s troubles will be over.

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