A Spell For A Shaky Love


Use this spell to firm up the foundation of an unstable love.

For your spell, you need:

• A Sharp knife
• A fresh apple
• Two pins
• An unused pen
• A white sheet paper

Slice the apple in half taking caution not to cut through the seeds. Write the name of the persons the spell is for; if for you, then write your name and that of your partner. If for a couple, then write both their names. Try and have the names take up the same space as the width of the half piece of apple.

Proceed to cut out the names and place the pieces between the two apple halves. Join the halves together and visualize the restoration of a harmonious relation.
Use the pins to fix the halves together. Insert one pin diagonally from the right to the lift and the other diagonally from left to right.  Let your focus be on the skewered apple as you picture your love flying to the person you love and have it returned to you.

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