Apple Seed Love Spell


It’s recommended that you cast this spell this day, as Venus, the planet of love and romance , also rules.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Piece of Rose Quartz Crystal
Red Rose
Red Apple
Green Candle
Pink Candle
Oil Burner
Rose Essential Oil

Casting Instructions for ‘Apple Seed Love Spell’

Select a time when you know you won’t be disturbed. You want to invite into your life while getting the things you need together, think of the love. Light the oil burner and the green and red candles. Set the red rose in front of the candles. Hold the Rose Quartz on your hand and as you stare into the candle flame, repeat the Angel Invocation below: Archangel Anael I invoke thee to give me my wish. I ask for love eternal and true, may the candle’s fire. The odor of the Rose, carry it afar and give me my hearts desire. So mote it be! For assisting you, thank the Archangel Anael and leave the candles to burn out. Eat the apple and save the seeds. Place the rose, the apple seeds, where they will attract the magic of the moon and quartz crystal rose onto a window ledge. The next morning after you awaken, plant the apple seeds in a pot with growing medium that is appropriate. Look after your seeds in a manner and love will come into your life as the seedlings begin to grow. Dry the petals keep the rose in a vase and when it wilts and keep them rose quartz.

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