Aphrodite’s Will


This is a basic spell I made in a fantasy. What it does is it invokes her helpers and aphrodite to fix or begin a relationship.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 bowl of hot water
Few jellitan cubes
Flower petals (roses if possable)
5 drops of blood (I prefer to use red food die because aphrodite dosn’t like bloodshed)
1 head hair ( this hair does not mean the person will fall for you)
There is a variation of this spell that instead of jellifying you freeze the mix in that case miss out jellitan cubes.

Casting Instructions for ‘Aphrodite’s Will’

These directions are for the jelly variant. Take the water in it try to get some colour of those and place the petals. Place in the jellitan cubes and allow them to dissolve. Mix now for the blood (food expire) visulize the 2 people you’re bringing together. When puting from the drops say the incantation:

May aphrodite affect your every thought may eross you are found by arrow.

Add the hair then place in the refrigerator to set. Keep in the fridge for as long as you need aphrodites help melt to break the spell. Skip cubes and place in the freezer instead of fridge.

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