Aphrodite’s Love Charm


This spell is to rebound a Lover’s emotions towards you. You will charm an object of your choice, certain to direct the person.

You may need the following items for this spell:

A necklace/bracelet/watch/ object your target would keep them.
1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
1 Red Rose
1 Drop of your own blood.
(Preferably Small) Late Photograph of Target. It can be as straightforward as being printed out on a sheet of newspaper.
3 Red/Pink Candles. They can be a mixture of those Colours.
Small Mantle (If you do not have a perfect one, no worries. You can place a Cloth on a Coffee Tale for Replacement.)
Privacy. You Must be completely Alone.
An Offering For the Goddess.
A plastic bowl.

Casting Directions for ‘Aphrodite’s Love Charm’

That you are in your house, place the three candles in a triangle, among the borders of the mantel. Place your offering in the center, with the photograph lying on top. Your other substances should be lying somewhere handy.
Take a few deep breaths. Holding the rose up in front of you, use one of the thorns to poke at your right index finger. Make sure that the drop of blood lands across the side of this photograph.
Hold the photo and the item you picked up over the offering, each item in one hand. Eyes shut, chant:

“O Goddess Aphrodite,
here I have made a sacrifice,
I fancy.

Let them fall in deep love with me.
I beg you, use this item of my choice,
To let them know their feelings.

Take this offer, as I insist,
As they put this (item) upon their skin,
Their eyes will open.

O, the Goddess of Affection,
This is my Plea.
With every drop of my appetite,
Make my wish come true.

Thank you for your help, So mote it be.”

For a few more seconds, remain after the Chant. Do not open your eyes. Put your belief into every word, open your eyes, and once you feel confident and extremely aware of your choice. It is very important that you follow this step.
Carefully put the thing on you. As he/she will feel the power of love that you do this is a sign of connection.
Use the infusion to pour it putting out it.
Use 1 pf the photograph to light . Give a Thank You to Aphrodite as you hold it over the bowl. Imagine your feelings being intertwined with the photo, and feel the fury, anguish, and despair of not being as they’ll be all yours with them burn away into ashes.

Extinguish the candles that are rest of the, once finished and take the bowl of ash outside. Find a location of soil, and dig a little hole. Dispose of the ashes there.

The very next day, personally give the item to your target and tell them what to do with it (What you had done with it; in which you have put it).

If you believe you want to reverse the spell, Find the area where you buried the ashes. They will have eroded away, but pour Salt water over the patch.

This spell has a substantial chance of functioning. Message me if there are any strange happenings, or in the event you can’t get the spell to work.

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