Aphrodite’s Love Enchantment


This spell will have your love reveal a liking towards you.

You will need the following items for this spell:

2 pink or red candles to represent love and beauty. One candle must be taller or higher than the other.
A rose (Preferably home grown)
A small jar
A dark room
Your voice
Full concentration and belief

Casting Instructions for ‘Aphrodite’s Love Enchantment’

Light two pink or red candles in a dark room. One candle must be higher than the other to represent love. (If your candles are equal size, use candle holders.) Next fill the jar with water and put the rose in it. Finally sit crossed-leg and meitate as well as gather concentration and energy. Once youve done that, close your eyes and take three deep breathes. After your third breath, chant:

”Aphrodite of beauty and love,
Set him free and make him come.
Enchant this rose and the water I drink,
To ensure it is me that he thinks.
If this is a part of your will,
This is a destiny he must forfill.”

After saying that, take a deep breath and imagine the one you wish this enchantment to be cast upon. Then say this chant 3 times:

”And so by the power of three, it is my wish, so mote it be.”

After repeating that 3 times, take a final deep breath and picture your love once more. Then open your eyes and grab the jar with the rose and water in it. With the rose still in the jar, drink all the water. After that, blow out the candles and stayin the same room as them until the wax has hardened. The next day your love should reveal a liking towards you.

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