Aphrodites Cast


This spell is a spell that goes against ones free will be warned a lot of practioners including myself do not go against ones free will any hers can be replaced with him.

You will need the following items for this spell:

5 red candles
Friday the day
A waxing moon
2 rose quartz
Picture of the person
Optional* knowledge of runes

Casting Instructions for ‘Aphrodites Cast’

First of all get the five candles and place them in a pentagram and light them from the top in a deosil format red represents passionate love (if you have knowledge of runes you could inscribe runes to enhance spell) Get the picture of the person and place it in the middle showing that that is the person you want to cast it on. Say this while focusing on the picture

Oh mighty mighty Aphrodite goddess of wo/mans love make the person who I love dearly.make her love me now thank you. Aphrodite thank you very much please make us a more than merry bunch. Place 1 rose quartz on the right hand side and say goddess to the right of her make her love me now. Place 2 rose quartz on the left hand side and say goddess to the left of her make her love me more. Now kiss the picture and say the kiss I lay upon this picture shows that I love her lots.

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