A Love Spell To Fill A Lonely Gap


All people, at one point or another, will realize that an empty spot can exist where love should be in their lives. This love spell can be cast to help fill the empty gap. The spell can be cast with a specific individual in mind or for an unknown lover. Remember though, magic should not be used to manipulate another individual’s free will and if the person feels a romantic attraction it is their choice as to whether or not they accept it. This love spell should be cast on Mondays during a waxing or full moon, never a waning moon.

For this love spell, you will require three separate chalices, cinnamon essential oil or vanilla extract, one orange taper candle, and water. Light the candle and charge the cinnamon oil by holding the bottle of oil to the candlelight, then roll it between your hands. As you do this, visualize the completeness of your life if a love were to fill the empty gap.

Fill two chalices with water halfway and place them on the altar with the third empty chalice between them. The partially filled chalices represent you and your new love – both entities being incomplete until drawn together and joining as one. The empty chalice represents what can be achieved once the two parties meet.

Place three drops of the cinnamon oil or vanilla extract into the empty third chalice and use words to explain the purpose of this love spell. If you are casting the spell with a particular individual in mind, it is remember to state that you acknowledge their free will and are not attempting to manipulate the free will.

Once you have a picture of you two as a couple in your mind’s eye, take one of the chalices that are half-filled and then the other half-filled chalice adding some water from each to the third oil-filled chalice. Continue this act until the two water-filled chalices are empty and the third oil-filled chalice is full.

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