A Love Spell Based On A Nursery Rhyme


This is a love spell that draws inspiration from one of the old English folk songs.  It goes like this:

“Lavender Blue dilly,
dilly, Lavender Green. 
I will be your King,
dilly, dilly,
if you will be my Queen.”

This love spell should be cast before going on a first date with a friend who may become a romantic partner.  To complete the spell you will require a lavender candle and a piece of rose quartz.  The spell should be cast after you have washed and dressed and are fully prepared to leave.  Light the lavender candle and focus on the candle’s flame briefly thinking about the positive implications if the date led to a romantic relationship.

As you stare at the flame repeat the following words and circle the piece of rose quartz clockwise three times around the candle.

“Lavender Blue,
Lavender Green.
In romantic light,
let us be seen.
Let it be done that it harm none.”

Extinguish the flame with your thumb and finger, then place the rose quartz crystal into a handbag or pocket to carry the love spell along to the date.

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