A Love Spell To Keep A Lover Faithful


This love spell can be cast to keep a partner faithful if you are under the impression that he or she may be tempted to stray from your marital bed. It is an intimate spell and is brief in nature. The spell requires two freshly laundered pairs of underwear, one of your own and the other belonging to your lover. In addition to the underwear, the spell requires two nutmegs, wide red ribbon, a burin, and one large white envelope.

Once all the ingredients have been gathered, inscribe your name on one of the nutmegs and your lover’s name on the second nutmeg. Bind the nutmegs together using the red ribbon and repeat these words:

“As I bind these fruits of tree,
lover never stray from me.
Let it be done and that it harms none.”

After saying the words, wrap both nutmegs in the underwear and place the wrapped nutmeg in the large envelope. Place the envelope underneath your marital bed on your lover’s side. Remember; do not place it under the pillow because they are sure to feel it. When they are away, you can replace it and position it underneath your own pillow.

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