A Spell to Cast on the New Moon


Once you have decided to seek out a new job, begin casting this spell on the first night of a new moon.

The brown candles stand for health and the green one for prosperity.

The fourth candle is intended as your personal candle, meaning it should be a color associated with your specific astrological sign.

If another person is the recipient of the spell, use a candle of their astrological color.

You will need:

Two brown candles
One green candle
One candle with a color corresponding to your astrological sign
Cinnamon essential oil
An oil burner
A favorite talisman belonging to whoever the spell is directed at

Place one of the brown ones at the center of the altar, place the green one to its right and the personal candle to the left of the center candle.

Then place the burner filled with the essential oil in front of the brown candle, after which you should lay the second brown candle on its side in front of the burner.

Put the personal talisman in front of the personal candle.

Light up the personal candle and focus on the flame, speaking the words (substituting references to you with the other person if you are doing this on behalf of another):

Spirit of fire, clear my ****’s sight,
And bring me **** chance mine ****’s by right.
And let it be done, that it harm none.

From there, light the green candle and again focusing on the flame, saying:

New horizons stretch out for me ****,
May fortune be mine/his/hers. And prosperity
And let it be done, that it harm none.

Envision you (or the recipient of this spell) in a position of authority for one to two minutes, then light the brown candle and speak:

New job, a new responsibility.
As I will them, let them be.
And let it be done, that it harm none.

Extinguish the candles to bring the ritual to an end, but leave the altar as it was.

Over the course of the next six nights or until all the candles have burned out, you should invite the elements into your magic working space, then light the second brown candle.

Let it burn for nine full minutes, focusing on your (or the recipient of this spell’s) ambitions and then good you (or your friend) will do in achieving them.

This ends the process of casting the spell.

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