A Job Opportunity Creation Spell


The best time to cast this spell is on a Sunday. You’ll want the sun sign to be in Leo since the lion represents ferocity and forward momentum.

That said, under the new moon will do in a pinch.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 x bowl of jasmine
1 x sheet of writing paper
1 x piece of jewelry with a diamond or ruby gemstone
1 x scissors
1 x white candle
1 x silver candle
1 x part neroli essential oil
1 x pen
1 x piece of cardboard
1 x piece of gold foil
1 x gold candle
1 x fireproof dish, such as a small plate

Perform this ritual at your personal altar. Perform all the appropriate consecration actions for any tools you’re using.

Once you’re ready, cut circular shapes out of the cardboard.

Cover them with the gold foil. This represents the sun.

Also, as you may have presumed, gold coins. Scatter them around your alter. Now take the paper, and write the words “we would like you to have….” and then the job opportunity you want.

Put the paper inside of the envelope.

Make sure to write the address of the person or company you’re hoping to get this opportunity from.

Light the white candle, and perform the appropriate thanking rituals.

Once finished, take the envelope and set it on the altar. Light the gold, and then the silver candle.

Let the candles burn for a short amount of time (about thirty seconds should do), and then remove the letter from the envelope. Leave the letter on the altar, and then hold the envelope to the silver flame. Se it in the fireproof dish, and let it burn down to ash. This is to signify the outgoing energy. You’re hoping for that letter from them, and with the silver candle you send that out to them.

Once the envelope has fully burned down to ash, pick up the letter. Set it aflame using the gold candle, the candle representing the sun, the giver, and those gifts granted to you.

Thank the spirits for the gifts they’ve given you and, hopefully, continue to give. Once the letter has been burned down to ash, sit back and meditate, pray, or otherwise align yourself with your spirituality as the candles burn down.

The principle here is that as the candles burn down, the energy and thoughts are floating upon the wind, while the physical things holding you back are melting down with the wax.

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