A Spell With Small Beginnings


Falling in love is a huge endeavor and apple seeds are the smallest objects you can find. However, it is often said that great things grow from small beginnings. Therefore, if you put the two things together true love will blossom.

For the spell, you need a piece of heart-shaped jewellery, items made out of brass or copper, 2 red roses, a piece of rose quartz, an apple, photographs of happy couples, a pink altar candle, a white altar candle, patchouli oil or ylang-ylang oil, a knife, small glass of water and a small flowerpot full of potting compost.

Start by decorating your altar using the heart-shaped jewellery, the brass/copper items, the red roses and the quartz. Lay the photographs of happy couples between the 2 altar candles. Kneel before the altar and light up the white candle. Start meditating on Venus, the goddess of love by seeing yourself in a loving relationship.

Next, light up the pink candle, then rise very slowly to your feet while opening your arms wide above your head. Repeat the following words slowly and softly. ‘Venus shining in the night, bless my heart with love and light, loved in truth, I wish to be. Listen to my prayer, my plea, may I love and be loved in turn as brightly as the candles burn. If I am loved help me see it and harm no one, so be it.’

As the pink altar candle burns out, you should peel the apple to the core. Remove the pips and press them inside the compost. Drizzle some water into the flowerpot repeating the following words. ‘As the seeds I have planted begin to grow, may the love that I have begin to show. And let it be done, that it harm no one.’ Now you can bring your ritual to an end.

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