A Spell For New Love


You can add some spice to your life and bring a new love by using the power of the new moon to cast the spell. To do it, you need a pepper shaker, a salt shaker and 3ft of pink ribbon. Consecrate the ingredients as you think of one of them as masculine while the rest remain feminine. Tie the feminine object to one end of the ribbon and the masculine one to the other.

Repeat the words ‘ ribbon of love, as I bind thee, please let true love find me and let it be done that it harm no one.’ The following morning, you should untie the two shakers and tie them closer to each other repeating the words again. Repeat the procedure for a week such that by the 7th day, the two objects are touching each other.

Now, you can bind them together, repeating the words again and leave them until the night with a full moon. At this time, a new love should have entered your life or someone you already know will have you in their thoughts, of which they might not declare right way but it will happen eventually.

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