A Spell For Fallen Out Friendship


If you are not in good terms with a friend and he or she is not willing to make the first move towards mending things, then you might as well consider getting help from the use of this spell. Cast the spell when the moon is waxing though can just as well cast it during a waning moon if you are desperate to restore the peace between you and your friend. The spell with not work if it is cast during a dark moon.

For the spell, you need:

• Your photo
• Your friend’s photo or personal item
• Some nettles
• Basil essential oil
• A crystal of garnet
• A paper clip

Take the two photos or your photo and your friend’s item and use the pin to clip them together and then say the following words:

“Let friendship be mended and harmony restored,
On troubled waters, oil has poured
Let it be done and it harm none”.

After saying the words, place what you clipped together in a drawer you rarely open. Repeat the process if you do not note any changes in the how things are between you and your friend after a week. Alternatively, you can help speed things up by making that important call to mend things. Sometimes, you are all the magic you need to repair the broken friendship.

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