Wiccan Spell To Rekindle a Friendship That Has Been Lost


If you have lost touch with a dear friend, then this is the spell for you – keep in mind that this spell will not help you rekindle romance, it will help rekindle a platonic relationship. Wherever your lost friend may be, it will help you to rebuild your relationship with them.

What You Will Need:

Five rose petals from a red rose
Five rose petals from a white rose
Sea salt
A pen and paper

On the piece of paper write both your friends and your full name. Place the rose petals and salt on top of it.

Take a deep breath and recall a pleasant memory that you and your friend shared. Keep this memory in your mind, full and alive, as you breathe out, point your index finger on the paper. Through you finger, feel the energy which is joyful spilling out all on the paper.

The following incantation should be repeated:

“Oh Domino, friendship angel, I call upon thee,
I humbly request that you allow us to once again meet
Lead (your friend’s name) back towards me
Allow our friendship to be rekindled
For the highest of all good
So mote it be.”

After folding the paper a few times, it must be buried at the foot of an old tree.


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