A Spell To See A Rival On Their Way


It’s all fair in love and wear and no one has ever been harmed by this spell. You should start it after the full moon has completely risen. For the spell, you need a cup of stagnant water, a new and small glass bowl, 2 teaspoons of vinegar, lime juice, some ground angelica and a wooden spoon. When the moon starts waning, you should mix the ingredients in the bowl with a wooden spoon outside.

After everything has been mixed thoroughly, you should hold your face very close to the bowl and repeat the following words. ‘I’m the man/girl, so and so (say the name of the other person) wants to love. We go together hand in glove and so I want to know the time has come for you to go and let it be done that it harm no one.’

Next, spit in the mixture and visit your rival’s house, while making sure not to be seen. You should pour the liquid on the front step as you repeat the same words as you did earlier in the spell. Repeat the same ritual for seven nights consecutively. The spell originates from voodoo tradition and reports reveal that in Hispaniola and other areas, where voodoo is respected, that it has been used many times.

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