A Spell For Healing And Glowing Health


Cast the spell on a Sunday during Pisces but make sure it’s close to the new moon. For the spell you need a green candle as well as altar decorations in the same color. If you don’t have a green candle, you can always replace it with a yellow one but the altar decorations must match the same color as the candle.

You need two teaspoons of almond oil (or any other carrier oil), a bottle, sandalwood essential oil, a sprig of lavender, a crystal of quartz, a green taper candle, a white altar candle, a bolline or burin. Start by adding three drops of sandalwood oil to the carrier oil then empower it by rolling the bottle in your palms.

Light the white candle and meditate on how your life will be for you or whoever you’re doing the spell for, when their health improves. Inscribe number 3 on the green candle and anoint it with the charged oil. Draw the oil towards you if you’re casting the spell on your behalf and away from you if it’s for someone else.

As you bless the candle, you should imagine yourself empowering it with glowing health. Next, light up the candle and repeat the following words.

‘Sure and quickly healing flow,
please make (the other person)’s illness go.
Powers that I be request and you let it be and for the best
and let it be done that it harm none.’

You can now end the spell and go back to your life with a confident and healthy future for yourself or a friend.

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