Banish Negative Energy With This Spell


This incantation will cleanse a place spiritually, all unwanted energies will be banished. It is a great way to purify a place of ritual prior to creating a circle, it also removes and energy that remains from unpleasant visitors after a ritual is completed. This can even be used as a swift defense to send away any malevolent spirits.

The following incantation must be said in your head or aloud, while a pentagram is drawn in the air — imagine that the pentagram is made of white, bright light. When the incantation has come to an end, in order to purify and enlighten every corner in the room so it is cleansed, allow that white light to escape.

Through these names which are greater than any others,
the name of the powerful Lord and the great lady,
I hunt by flower, seed and the fruit of evil,
with power and purity, I cast a spell on them,
Whether they be held by chains,
Or sent back to the darkness,
May they never disturb us the servants of the gods.

It can be hard to get rid of negative energy. So if the spell mentioned above fails to work the first time around, change the liens around in a way that they will still make sense, yet the clarity of the request which is being sent to the cosmos, is enhanced. This way, when your messages and energy is sent out, the god or goddess will be able to hear your wish more clearly.

There have been people who have been successful when using amulets or other equipment along with the spell. That being said, I suggest that if you attempt to enhance the spell with the use of other methods. Before going past the basics explained above, make sure that you cast a spell of protection. You do not want to unintentionally allow an unwelcome force in by using methods you do not have experience using.

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