A Wiccan Beauty Spell


You will see people who want to look beautiful but are not able to because they don’t find themselves beautiful. It is all about your perception more than anything else. When you are healthy, confident, and radiating with joy, you are going to become attractive.

It is all about performing the right spell to get this feeling.

1) Start with a simple gemstone to gain power and confidence (Sodalite, Honey Opal)

2) Use an athame or any other form of wand/knife that you can find

You have to understand red is an important color. This is a color that’s used for power, fire, and sex. You want to make sure there is enough red around you to get that confidence flowing. When you perform this spell, you are recommended to put on something that is red or at least have an option that is red near you.

Make sure you are starting off in a stable position (i.e. upright) as that will help.

You always want to make sure you can call your spirit guide for assistance.

“I request for my angels and guides to come and join me for this session as I look to develop a greater sense of self-confidence and positivity in life.”

Just start to breathe deeply as you do this. It is all about relaxation. You want to let those inner tensions go as you do this. When you let your thoughts come in between, you will start to wane in self-confidence. Make sure you remain upright throughout as told to.

Now, you’re going to take your athame and point it to the ground before saying:

“Let me absorb Earth’s vitality and balance.”

You will then take the athame and clench it closer to your chest. This is how the power from Earth is going to come into you for balance, health, and vibrancy.

You want to now point the athame upwards to the sky.

“Let me absorb the playfulness and power of Wind.”

Put the athame close to your chest again and let it come to you as before. You are going to start to feel those playful breezes and raging storms come in.

Now, you are going to relax.

Take the stone that you have found and hold it near your Solar Plexus (this is where the bottom ribs meet). You are now going to see a new boost in personal power. Now, hold the stone to the area and state:

“I am charging my Solar Plexus

Let the fire burn

As I shall feel comfort within

When residing in my skin.”

Make sure to repeat this a few times as you can get more out of the stone and see its real value in the long-term.

You want to make sure you are holding the stone to your Third Eye as that is a must.

“Shine your light, Sun and Moon.”

Make sure to grant me with all your might.

Spotless beauty for all to sight

It is complete, so mote it be.”

Make sure to repeat this a few times as you are imagining the stone pouring over your head and immersing you.

This is how you are going to thank the spirits and move forward with life. Now, all you have to do is keep the stone close to you as you move around. It will help you gain confidence.

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