A Truth Spell That Works


Do you wish to know the truth about any situation? Then make use of this truth spell. If you require clarity for a given situation, or you are of the opinion that someone is possibly hiding something from you, then a truth spell may be the answer. This one is very simple to use, and has worked well for many other people. All that is required is meditation, and a lapis lazuli gemstone, which are readily available from a store, or an online shop.

All you need is the following:

Cleanse a lapis lazuli gemstone by holding it in the smoke of an incense stick, or by soaking it in sea water.
A candle, either purple or pink.

The performance of the truth spell.

Once the candle has been lit, it is essential to meditate for a while on the flame. Clear everything from your mind and relax until you have completely cleared your thoughts and relaxed your inner being.

Pick up the lapis lazuli gemstone. In your mind, visualize a very bright white flame. Watch this flame grow to fill the whole of your vision. Hold this image for over a minute, and when it is as bright as it can get. Put this light inside the lapis lazuli gemstone. Imagine the crystal absorbing the flame, and burning as bright as a star in the night’s sky.

After that, incant the following spell:

May the truth that I seek
Be revealed to me,
May what is hidden come to light,
So mote it be.

Then close up the circle.

Once the truth spell is complete, the lapis lazuli crystal now holds the power to show the truth. The way to reveal the truth is in your dreams. Prior to sleeping, place the lapis lazuli crystal under your pillow. It is not important to remember what you dream of, the truth will reveal itself in the form of a gut feeling, and your intuition. The truth will reveal itself to you, and you will know when it does.

Never let the crystal be handled by someone else, and keep it safe in a white cloth.

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