A Cleansing Wiccan Ritual


Our energy fields are interfered with on a daily basis, whether it is by people, situations and even our personal thoughts. Negative energy is able to attach onto us, blocking our flow, this can cause us to become irritated, it can bring us down and drain our vitality. It is important to check ourselves and make sure that this is not affecting us too much. There are many ways in which we can remain balanced and restore our energy flow, for example exercising, eating well, spending time in nature and meditation, there are however times in which we need a bit more assistance.

Anytime in which you feel tired, low or in any way affected by negativity, you can perform this cleansing ritual. If you are in any sort of hurry, jump directly to steps two and three.


Sage Incense — Air
A grey or silver candle — Fire
Sea salt — Earth
A chalice filled with water — Water

Draw a circle and then light the candle and the incense.

While the sage fills the room, take some time to meditate. With every breath exhaled, become more and more relaxed. The energies will flow better, the more relaxed you are, this makes releasing any unwanted negativity much easier.

Once you feel calm and ready, you can begin.

Step One: Element Cleanse

Hold your hands over the incense, say to yourself “with air I cleanse myself.” Allow a few moments for the smoke to move gently around your hands and fingers. Feel as you become immersed with the cleansing properties of the sage.

At a safe distance, proceed to hold your hands above the candle and say to yourself; “with fire I cleanse myself.” Make a visual picture of the flame burning away anything within you that is unwanted.

Now pick up some sea salt and between your fingers, crumble it as you gently rub it in your hands and say to yourself; “with earth I cleanse myself.”

Next let your hands dip into the water, gently rub your hands and say to yourself; “with water I cleanse myself.”

While you allow the elements to do perform their work, sit in momentary silence.

Step Two: Release of Negativity

Unless they are unusually powerful, the most effective way of releasing entities and energies that are negative is by firmly asking them to leave.

Withdraw into yourself, as you do so, become completely aware of your entire body, and say the following phrase:

“Any energy which is no longer serving me, please be gone now. I thank you for being here. I am now sending you home.”

This must be said with conviction, much like a loving yet firm parent. Continue to repeat it and as you do, be aware of how your body is feeling. As you repeat these words, much like a snake’s skin, negativity will shed from you. If you are sensitive, chances are that you will feel a sudden sensation of becoming lighter or a pulling sensation.

Until you feel intuitively done, continue repeating this; it may be ten or fifty times, it is about what feels best for you.

Step Three: being Filled With Light

This is a vital step. After the negative energies have been released, there will be many holes in your aura that must be filled with light. If not, other negative energies could easily attach themselves to you and the process will have to be done over again.

Visualize the top of your head; your crown opening up, picture a funnel descending from the heavens and leading into your body. Visualize divine light being pulled down and filling every gap that your aura may have, while doing this, repeat the following phrase:

“I request my energy body to be filled with light that is pure and healing.”

After repeating a few times, thank the elements and the spirits and close your circle.

Throughout the rest of the day or evening, if it comes to your mind, picture you open crown and the light which is flowing into you.

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