A Ritual To Use To Cleanse A Space


If you have been in search of a way to cleanse a certain area in your home you should consider a Space Cleansing Ritual. To conduct such a ritual you will need to gather a few items that will include:

•A white candle

•A silver candle

•A broom

•A chalice that contains charged water

•A yellow, brown, blue and red candle

•Sage (incense)

The Steps:

•Once you have collected all the items for your ritual store them on your altar and cover them using a black cloth.

•Now select the appropriate date for this ritual. You can make use of an astrological calendar or choose the date that the next New Moon falls on.

•The area you wish to cleanse must be thoroughly cleansed by washing the floors, walls and any other surfaces.

•Before you conduct the ritual you should take a bath using scented oils and imagine that all dirt and debris is washed off your body that will allow for a feeling of cleanliness.

•Now you are ready to begin the ritual and you can start by placing each of your element candles at the correct compass points. The brown candle should be North, the blue candle West, the red candle South and the yellow candle East. Place your silver candle onto the altar.

•Now standing before the altar take deep breathes while lighting your white candle.

•Now circle the space or the entire room going clockwise lighting each of the element-candles.

•Now use the broom to sweep this circle now in a clockwise direction and say the following words:

“Sweep, sweep, sweep this place, by powers of Air, I cleanse this space”

•Take the time to shut your eyes and feel air move inside the circle. Now go back to your altar and take your silver candle. Light this candle with the white candle and walk clockwise around your circle at the same time saying:

“Light, light I light this space, by the powers of Fire, I cleanse this space.”

•Now imagine energy or fire that flows around this space. Return to your altar and now take the chalice. Walking again in a clockwise direction sprinkle this water with your fingertips using your right hand. Now say the following:
“Liquid, liquid I wash this place; by powers of Water I cleanse this space.”

•Now imagine the element-of-water flowing in around your space clockwise. Now take your bowl that contains the earth and again walk in a clockwise-direction around your circle and sprinkling the earth while saying:

“Dirt, dirt as I walk this place, by powers of earth I cleanse this space.”

Now imagine the earth element bringing forth gifts into your space. Now return the empty bowl to your altar and in the middle of the circle using the Goddess position say the following:

“I now direct the energy of the Universe to forever fill and bless this place.”

Imagine the energy that comes out of your body is combining with the energy from the universe. When this energy starts to scatter go back to your altar and place your hands onto it and say:

“This altar is dedicated to the Lord and Lady of Light. May it serve me well.”

You can end this ritual by giving thanks to the Goddess and Gods as well as the elements for participating in your ritual. Now ground this energy that was raised by placing your hands palms down onto the floor and feel a sensation that the energy is drained back to Earth Mother. Now raise your hand (right) above your head and in a counter-clockwise motion circle the hand across the room by saying:

“The circle is open, may it never be broken, Blessed Be.”

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