A Spell For Mending The Broken Heart


This is a spell that will have to be cast on a Friday and no other day. You will have to target the day of Venus because this is when you can let the heart mend properly. You are going to need special ingredients to make this work, and it is important to have them on hand before.


1) Willow Wand
2) Pink Drawstring Bag
3) Pink Candles (2)
4) Crystal of Quartz
5) Teabag of Strawberry Tea
6) Mirror
7) Sea Salt
8) Yarrow (1 Tsp.)
9) Dried Jasmine (1 Tsp.)
10) Crystal Bowl of Memento
11) Orris Root Powder (1 Tsp.)
12) Copper Coin
13) Strawberry Leaves (Handful)
14) Strawberry Essential Oil (10 Drops)
15) Apple Blossom Essential Oil (10 Drops)

You are going to start the spell by taking those pink candles and placing them on opposite ends of a bath as you fill it with water (warm). You are going to let the water run, and this is when the strawberry tea is prepared. You will make sure the bath is set as you soak in the water and make sure it is ready for the spell to be cast. When you are ready, you may dry off and sip the tea as you dab a bit of strawberry oil on your face.

Start to walk to your altar and look to cast the spell using your willow wand. This is when you are going to take the second pink candle and place the rest of the ingredients in a large-sized bowl. Make sure to stir them together comprehensively for maximum effect.

While you are stirring, you are going to say:

Mother Nature, I seek for you to nurture and protect.
Provide me with the ability to stay strong.
And let it be known, I shall not hurt.

This is when you are going to check if everything is mixed. Now take a look at the mirror.

You are going to state:

Mother Nature, assist me to become who I wish to be,
And let it become easier to push past any difficulty.
And let it be known, I shall not hurt.

This is when you will pour half the mixture into the bag along with your coin and crystal. Close it up and leave it aside.

You want to sleep with the bag to mend your broken heart.

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