Setting Up The Perfect Breakup Spell


Is your love starting to die out?

It is time to focus on a real breakup spell to combat this feeling. Sometimes it happens as time goes on and it is natural that affection starts to dissipate during this time. The goal should be to cast a proper spell that is going to offer value and make it easier for your lover to move on quickly. It is going to start by waiting for a waning moon (between dusk and midnight) to guarantee appropriate results.


1) White Cord (1 Foot)
2) Pink Cord (1 Foot)
3) Silver-Colored Lockets (Heart Shape)
4) White Candle
5) Photograph of Both of You
6) Dark Silk/Cotton (Square)

You are going to begin the spell by setting up the lockets using white cord. You are going to tie the white cord by tying its ends into a double knot.

As you do this, you are going to state:

This knot brought us together
But, it is time to move on.
And let it be done, and it harm none.

Now, untie the knot gently.

While doing this, you are going to state:

The bond between us has faded
But the affection shall remain forever.
And let it be done, and it harm none.

As you are doing this, you will slide the lockets off the cord.

While doing this, you are going to state:

I am letting you go, for the love has come to an end
But you shall always remain my friend.
And let it be done, and it harm none.

At this stage, you are going to take the pink cord and thread the locket with it.

While doing this, you are going to state:

Now you are on your own; please go in peace.

This is when you are going to take a piece of cloth and wrap up the unthreaded locket. This is going to be done using the photograph and any other mementos you might have of the relationship. This is going to be retied with the help of your white cord.

Light up the candle and use its flame as a way to circle the locket. You are going to thank the spirits for your newfound reality and ask them to push you towards a state of peace as you move on from your former lover. You are going to hope for both your happiness and your partner’s because that’s what you desire most. Watch as the candle starts to burn away and place the cloth package somewhere you’re not going to see it again. This can be a place such as your yard where it can be buried forever.

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