A Witches Spell for True Love To Knock On Your Door


The best days of the week for casting this spell for encouraging true love to come knock at your door are Tuesday, which is the day that is associated traditionally with Mars, or on Friday, which is associated with Venus. It is up to you, whether or not you do actually hear it!

You will need:

Your burin or bolline
Two pink taper candles
One white altar candle
A small items that has romantic connotations for you
One of the following essential oils: geranium, ylang-ylang, jasmine, patchouli, maroc, bulgar, or rose absolute.
Sunflower or an appropriate carrier oil
Roses, tansies or gardenias bound in the form of a posy
Bay, sorrel or chamomile
A piece of moonstone, aventurine, jade or rose quartz

Add a drop of the essential oil you have selected to the carrier oil. Put it on the altar along with the other materials you will be using.

Go to the altar and kneel in front of it. Light your white candle and quietly meditate before it. Take a pink candle and use a knife very carefully to carve the Venus symbol near the top of the candle. Place the candle in its holder again, and then rub some oil in your hands. Address your inscribed candle, and draw the oil toward you. Visualize that you are empowering your candle with all of your desire. After anointing the candle, and continuing to visualize, rub both of your hands together, with the candle kept in between your palms.

In a couple of minutes, place the candle into its holder again and take out your second pink candle. At the top, carve the Mars symbol. Anoint it the way you did the first candle, rub it in between your palms, and then return it to its holder.

Light both of your pink candles, and say:

Love please bring to me,
By the power of true love,
Fill my heart to it sing,
Rejoice and help me with love anew.
And let it be done, that it harm none.

Keep your eyes on the pink candles until they burn down. After the flames have flickered and died, end the ritual in the normal manner.

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