A Spell For Burying The Hatchet


The spell is meant to restore peace where there is strife between friends or family members. All who are involved should be present when casting the spell whether they believe in magic or not. Nobody should laugh or scoff at the power of the magic. The spell originates from the Caribbean and southern states of America where people practice voodoo. The use of voodoo is not something that most people appreciate, but many voodoo spells are not cast with an evil intention.

For the spell, you need:

• A young tree or shrub that will fairly grow to maturity
• Astrological colored ribbons for each family member or friend
• A strand of hair from each person
• Hair stands from each individual present
• A spade
• An unused hatchet

Pick the spade and dig deep a hole that can support the tree or shrub. Throw the hairs into the hole and as they go in, visualize the bad feeling in the others evaporating and do the same to your feeling, all being replaced by love and warmth for each other. Tie the ribbons around the hatchet and have the others form a circle around the hole. Pass the hatchet round the circle counter-clockwise as you ask each person to hold the hatchet for a few seconds before passing it on; they can say a few words of comfort and reconciliation or opt to remain silent before giving the hatchet to the next person.

Once the hatchet passing goes full circle, ask everyone to feel their hands (their palms facing the ground)s and place the hatchet into their hands before placing it into the hole. Let everyone grab hold of a part of the three as you put it into the hole atop the hatchet.

Fill up the hole and let it be symbolic of everyone burying their feuds or argument when burying the hatchet. Everyone is allowed to say any comforting or suitable words that come to mind.

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