A Spell To Quell Family Feuds


Family arguments are not uncommon, which can be viewed as an okay thing. However, quarreling with a family member may be hard to overlook if it the minor squabble looks like it may turn into a full-blown row. You most likely will not be able to bear the long-term consequences that follow. Casting this spell should help mend things. You may need a hairbrush to help you get a few of the items you need. Other things needed include:

• Your hair and that of the person(s) you are arguing with
• A piece of red thread
• Deep-red rose petals
• A Candle

Place the stands of hair between your fingers and then rub and twist them together and add the red thread and twist it together with the hairs. Make a pentagram using the rose petals and then pick the candle and twine the hair and red threading round it three times in a clockwise direction about a third of the candle’s length. Place the candle at the center of the pentagram.

Wait for the perfect moment to light the candle and then focus on the flame as you visualize having a happy and harmonious relationship with the other person. At that very moment, say the following words:

“Among those that I live with,
Let harmony replace strife,
Let it be so an it harm none”.

Cast the spell while the candle burns through the thread. Do not let pride create a rift in your family when you can do something about it; the effort will be worthwhile.

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