A Spell For Finding Love For The First Time


The spell is designed for people who have never known or been in love. Consecrate the thing you need for the spell before casting the spell; you do have to perform the usual rituals.

For the spell, you need:

• A freshly plucked and fragrant-rich red rose
• Several red candles

Cast the spell at night after you have known when the sun is set to rise the next morning, just before jumping into bed. Place the red rose on an altar and a red candle on both sides of the altar. Remember to set the alarm to go off a few minutes before the sun rises.

When you wake, take the red rose outside or stand at the window or door facing the direction of the sun is to appear; then say these words:

        “Red rose, true love’s flower, please grant unto me your power.         
         To offer someone my heart, from who I will never part.         
         And let it be so and of harm to no one”.

Place the rose back on the altar and light the candles. Focus on the flames as you visualize love warming heart of the person you desire in your life. Do not extinguish the candles. Repeat the ritual every morning until the rose withers and use the flames of the dying candles to light the next butch, snuffing them out with your fingers only when the flower fades. Bury the withered rose flower and love with being ignited in the heart of your chosen one as the rose rots in the ground. Soon, that person will make himself or herself known to you.

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