Mending A Relationship: A Spell To Fix A Disagreement


Have you and your significant other had such a bad disagreement that you fear it might be over? Wait until 12:00 a.m. and then cast this spell.

Gather together a red candle, two silver pins, a red crystal, a red cloth (for the altar) and red flowers.

Put the cloth over the altar. Place the candle in the center of the altar, and put the flowers down so that they are surrounding it. Lay the crystal there as well. After the opening rituals, take the silver pins and push them into the candle. One should be near the top and one should be closer to the bottom. light the candle and begin thinking about your beloved. When the flame burns down to the first pin, say the following words.

Spirit of Love, I now attend,
Make our love last and not end.
Let it be done, and it harm none.

Say this over and over until the flame gets to the next pin. The chant the following words.

Let ***** and I be one once more
By the light of this flame.
Let it be done, and it harm none..

When the candle dies out, let the ritual come to an end as well. You are not finished yet, however. This next part is difficult but essential. Regardless of what role you played in the argument, pick up the phone and call your significant other. You will be glad you did.

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