A Businessperson Spell


The best time to cast this is on the first day of the new moon. The hope is that the business of the month will run smoothly.

Here’s what you’re going to need:

1 x small handful of basil leaves
1 x small bowl of spring water
1 x citrine crystal
1 x dried ear of corn
2 – 10 x grains of rice
1 x small handful of mint leaves

You’ll want to soak the basil leaves in water for around an hour before you start the ritual. Occasionally stir clockwise, but otherwise simply let them soak up the moisture. Once you’ve done this, consecrate the herbal water. Visualize your workspace while doing so.

Once you’ve got a strong focus on your workplace, start in the easternmost spot and begin walking through the workspace in a circle. Sprinkle the water as you go. You’ll only need a little.

Here, like most spells, you’ll want to declare your intent. Here are some things you can say:

May my business bring prosperity
May the deals I make flow smooth
May my company be successful
And may my work continue to grow.

Once you’ve consecrated the area, offer up the citrine to the four elements. Do the same thing with the rice, the mint, and the ear of corn.

Bring the ritual to an end by placing these on your altar and leaving them there until such a time as you feel it’s appropriate to remove them. Take the citrine to your workplace, and place it in the same drawer where you keep either your ledger or your business papers. Sprinkle the rice and corn around, and place the mint leaves in your wallet. Replace them with fresh leaves whenever you feel it’s appropriate.

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