A Spell For Attracting Cash


This spell draws on the element of air and its power to bring some extra cash to you within 8 days.

You will need the following:

Silver thread
Gold thread
Three silver coins (even better if you happen to have old threepenny silver pieces that are used commonly in Christmas puddings)
Saffron (use it sparingly since it is expensive
Green cloth square

Breathe in turn on each of your silver coins, and say something like this:

Spirit of Air, I pray,
For you to send some money way.
And let this be done, and let it harm no one.

Place the spices and coins inside of the bag. Take the gold thread and tie four knots in it and do the same thing to the silver thread. Tie the bag using these knotted threads. Put your bag someplace safe – preferably in a dark, cool place – and leave it in that spot for eight days. If no extra money has made it to you by then, cast this spell again. It may take some time for your spell to weave its magic, like all spells.

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