A Guide On Wiccan Spells For Beginners


Peace. Harmony. Balance.

These are the core tenets used to describe Wicca and you need to harness the understanding of these terms when approaching Wiccan spells for beginners or to be a great spellcaster.

In many scenarios, Wicca is used interchangeably with modern witchcraft; however, these are two separate realities and shouldn’t be compared. Wicca is built on the shoulders of understanding one’s surroundings and believing in the sanctity or “oneness” in nature.

For beginners who are interested in the world of Wiccan spells, it’s time to dive in headfirst and take a look at the intricacies of spellcasting.

What Is Wicca?

Before looking at Wiccan spells for beginners, let’s dig into “Wicca” and what it entails.

In essence, Wicca refers to a new-age movement established in England (20th Century) with a comprehensive set of core beliefs and practices. These are comprised of hermetic motifs and ancient pagan practices. The movement is duotheistic meaning the belief evolves around a two-tiered structure (Goddess and God).

The Goddess in question would be the Moon Goddess and the four cycles of the moon.

This is why the moon can often play a role in casting spells due to the power it harnesses.

Why Use Spells?

Spellcasting will take time to master, and that’s the beauty of learning as a beginner. The world will open in front of you making it a fun, exciting proposition.

Spells are a way to open the mind and understand the harmony between underlying powers of nature.

Most people never realize the power Earth has to offer including its moon. By tapping into the world of spells, you’re able to join a select few who recognize how strong these energies can be when done properly.

What Is Magical Energy?

When it comes to spellcasting, one of the terms that will often come up is “magical energy, ” and it has a significant role to play.

Magical energy refers to your ability to use power to generate a particular reaction. For example, you might be putting together a robust love spell, but without knowing how to control your powers, you will never generate enough force to maximize an efficient spell.

Those who can tap into this recognize what magical energy brings to the equation.

This can be harnessed by understanding the value of meditation and visualization. Learn to control your body and watch how easy it becomes to cast complex spells.

Tools for Spells

Tools for SpellsBefore moving into casting spells, it’s best to consider specific tools one may require during the process.

1) Altar Tools

The first type of tool would be an altar tool, which is designed to trigger a specific response (i.e., bell, whistle, candle).

Each spell is going to have a particular altar tool while a few might not require any at all.

2) Ritual Tools

The next type of tool is the ritual tool, and this is dependent on the particular ritual being performed.

Using the example of love spells, this might be something as simple as a picture of you and your significant other. It all comes down to the spell as modern Wicca has looked to personalize this experience. The connection between you, the ritual, and your ritual tool makes a noticeable difference in efficiency.

Steps For Casting Spells

Thinking about casting a spell?

It’s important to know what to do before getting started. Having the words is useless because most people won’t know where to begin. A similar example would be sitting in the cockpit of a plane without knowing what the buttons do.

Don’t be that pilot!

Beginners have to start somewhere, and even the most seasoned experts had to go through the steps listed below. Take a look at these steps and learn to master each one before putting it all together. This is how you’re going to optimize the experience and guarantee a positive spellcasting session.

1) Set Up Spell Circle
2) Target Source Energy (i.e., Magical Energy)
3) Request for Goddess’ Presence
4) Establish Required Outcome From The Spell (Positive Affirmation)
5) Set Up Trance State and Begin To Visualize Spell
6) Start Chanting/Drumming/Dancing To Give Rise To Energy
7) Start To Direct/Redirect Energy To Your Spell
8) Start To Release The Energy
9) Close The Circle
10) Praise The Goddess

While establishing the spell circle, it’s best to consider setting up your altar tool(s) and creating the perfect setting to cast a spell. Without doing this, the results might be inefficient and cause distress. You want to learn to harness the source energy and get into a real trance.

This takes practice but is a big part of your spellcasting session!

Also, while you are chanting/drumming/dancing, it is all about execution or the results won’t come. Having the right words coming out of your mouth is just a part of the process. You have to get the movements right, and it is mandatory to be in a proper trance.

If you’re not directing magical energy towards the spell, it will fail. This is as simple as one can say it!

You want to control the energy and make sure you have nailed the execution before closing your circle. If that occurs, the spell is going to be a success. Remember, positive affirmation is a must because believing in your ability to cast a good spell is the foundation of great spellcasting.

If you fail, keep going because even the best in the world have faltered.

These are the necessary steps for those who are looking to cast a spell.

Technique For Beginners

Creating an Energy FieldWhen it comes to Wiccan spells for beginners, you’ll need to get the technique down.

Here is a look at one of the most powerful Wiccan techniques in the world and why it is an effective option for you to consider.

Energy Field

This technique involves the use of visualization and the sun.

Begin by finding an open spot (preferably outdoors) and stand in the same place for 2-3 minutes. While doing this, you are going to raise your hands while bathing in the sun. You want to feel the sun’s energy surround you and become a part of you.

Begin to breathe it in.

You want to start to focus on the energy and get rid of anything else on your mind. The energy will start to fill your body, and that’s the same feeling you want to recreate in any setting.

How Do I Know My Spell Worked?

Let’s say you have taken the time to learn the steps and even took the liberty of performing a spell.

How will you know it worked after the spell circle has been closed?

The answer is dependent on which spell has been cast. One of the easiest ways to know if the spell has worked is based on your energy levels. This means you are going to feel energetic, warm, and excited. These indicators are not in the mind but an example of the energy surrounding you.

When the body is dealing with a heightened amount of energy, it will notice the change.

The best way to pursue this question and make sure you get a proper answer is to keep a record of your spells. The goal is to see the nuanced changes in your feelings post-spell. This is how you’re going to know how efficient the spell circle was.

Start here, and you’ll be able to pick it up without needing a journal!

Day-To-Day Routine

Meditation for Spell casting1) Meditate

Remember, the goal of a spell is to make sure you’re in a trance.

How are you going to do this without meditating?

This is why you want to set up a daily routine where you go outside and sit in the sun while meditating. This is going to teach you to feel the energy around you and tap into it. The average person will feel the sun on his/her skin, but that is it.

You want to take the next step and get into that trance state for as long as you can.

2) Drink Water

Are you consuming enough water?

Yes, the balance of your body is dependent on your water intake. Magical energy is reliant on this harmony, and that is a large part of Wicca. You want to maintain balance, and the best way of doing this is with a good glass of water.

How much should you be drinking during the day?

In general, you will want to learn to read the energies of your body. If you are feeling dehydrated, you need to go and drink a glass of water immediately! However, in most cases, you can get away with 6-8 glasses of water a day.

3) Rest

You are going to feel sluggish if appropriate changes aren’t made with your sleep schedule.

Too many people start to cast spells but don’t get enough sleep at night. You want to learn to replenish your resources and make sure the body is revving to go before a spell. This is how you’re going to be able to cast a magnificent spell.

Those who are new to the world of spellcasting need all the energy they can get, and it starts by resting for 8-9 hours a day.

Additional Tips

1) Don’t Reserve Yourself To One Spot

With Wiccan spells for beginners, it is easy to assume you have to pick one spot and hope for the best.

Don’t do this!

You want to find multiple spots around the house, town, and locale. It doesn’t matter where you are because a good spell can be done anywhere. It is all about harnessing energy. If you can do this, the spell will come to life.

2) Learn To Maximize Intention

Is your intention in the right place?

You have to be filled with energy, or this is going to fall flat on its face. If your intention isn’t how it needs to be, you are going to fail to maximize the spell’s potential.

3) Don’t Talk About Your Spell

This is a golden rule for beginners.

You want to avoid speaking about the spell for at least a day once it has been cast.

If you talk about it, the spell’s efficiency is going to flounder. You have to avoid this at all costs and hold your tongue for as long as you can!

4) Find A Quiet Spot

When it comes to beginning Wiccan spell casting, a lot of people don’t find a quiet spot.

You can’t hope to cast a good spell in the middle of a packed train. It takes a lot of work to get to that stage. As a beginner, you want to get the basics spot on and find a quiet place to harness energy.

Examples of Wiccan Spells for Beginners

Casting a Love Spell1) Love Spell

This is a magnificent spell for beginners because it doesn’t require additional tools. Just sit down and cast your spell.

The spell is designed to attract someone you adore.

“Delightful Moon, at this moment
I seek to ask for your power
Provide me with the love I seek
As I wish for it more and more.”

Cast this spell and start to learn the art of Wiccan spells. It is a great starting option.

2) Money Spell

You will need to cast this spell on the day of a full moon. Additional tools/ingredients include coins, cauldron, and water.

This beginner spell is designed to provide you with money whether it is directly or indirectly.

Grab a set of coins in one hand and a cauldron of water in the other while chanting:

“Oh, Goddess of the Moon,
Provide me with your abundant wealth.
Fill my hands with riches.
All you provide, my bag can keep.”

Pour the water into a nearby plant after you’re done.

This is an excellent starting spell right along with the love spell.

This is all one needs to know about the world of Wicca and is an incredible start as you look to cast detailed, complex spells with specialized nuances. It’s important to recognize the spells might not work, and it’s best to try repeatedly to ensure your technique is flawless.

This requires practice and is a fruit of labor, but the results can be astounding when done correctly.

Get started now and watch as spellcasting becomes second nature to you.

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