Wicca For Beginners: Taking Your First Steps


Wicca For Beginners

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The first thing you should know about adopting a Wiccan mindset is that it shouldn’t be a form of escape or even a move towards rebelling. It’s about making the conscious decision to explore something new and exciting that involves a great deal of spirituality. This doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you love, but it does entail placing less value on “things” and more focus on balance. In this Wicca for beginners guide we will look at what you need to get started in order to become a successful witch.

Learning The Rules

The great thing about witchcraft is that there isn’t ONE way of reaching a goal. Instead, it’s about finding YOUR way. There simply is no room for judgment, something most religions pride themselves on. Everything you will learn in terms of casting spells, incantations and living life according to nature are mere guidelines. For example, you will find hundreds of different ways to cast a goodwill spell and this is exactly why Wiccans call it a “practice”. When you finally do master the Wiccan way it will be done on your terms and because you followed your natural instincts.

However, there are two fundamentals you should probably familiarize yourself with. These foundations are universal and came into existence because they were observed by practicing Wiccans. The first rule is that you can do what you want, but you shouldn’t hurt anyone. Basically, you won’t find a true Wiccan that uses negative spells. Instead, they only use positive spells that won’t be at the expense of anybody else.

The first rule or fundamental fits in perfectly with the second rule, which is that everything you do comes back threefold. These are the roots of Wiccan beliefs. There is no promotion of revenge or negativity and striving for these two fundamentals are understood by all Wiccans.

Do The Necessary Research

Given the freedom that Wicca entails, it is a practice that is based on the basics of magic. The more research you do the more knowledge you will gain. The more knowledge you gain the more powerful you will become. Unfortunately there is no getting around this principle.

But to give you a head start, gaining control of your thoughts is one of the biggest things you’ll have to master. You need to be able to shut down all those intruding thoughts that break your concentration. If you can’t concentrate completely on the spell at hand then nothing is going to come of it. This is why meditation is such a big source of power for Wiccans, because it teaches the discipline to control emotion and thoughts.

To give you an idea of how powerful meditation can be, studies show that monks are capable of rewiring their brain while they meditate. This is no easy feat and it will serve you well. So before you start doing spells try to make it habit to meditate. Just relax and concentrate on your breathing.

Wicca for Beginners Five ElementsYour First Spell

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for, casting your first spell. Always start with something simple like a cleansing or a goodwill spell. Make a note that you need to gather all the things you will be needing for the spell. With a basic spell you won’t need much. Also pay attention to the time of day that you’ll be performing the spell.

There are several spell books available online that will teach you some basic spells along with the incantations. Note that these are only guidelines and you will naturally find what works best for you. Don’t freak out if the spell requires a green candle and you only have a white one. Paint the candle if you have to or stick something green in there. It’s your thoughts that count.

When it comes to Wicca for beginners then patience is truly a virtue. Don’t let your first couple of spells lead to negativity, because this is where may new Wiccans give up. If those first spells don’t work as effectively or quickly as you would like, remember that nature is not connected to time.

Casting a spell means ASKING something. No matter how much power you think you have, you can’t force nature or any of the gods to do anything. Your mind, heart and soul need to be in the same place.

Enjoy The Experience

To end off this Wicca for beginners session, make sure that you enjoy every second. Go through all the motions and pay attention to the little things. Don’t be afraid to have hope and faith. Don’t be afraid to look forward to the new lifestyle and mindset you are undertaking, because it is going to be wonderful. Make every second of journey count like there is no tomorrow.

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