A Spell For Giving Advice And Gaining Confidence


All of us need to give advice every once in a while, but we frequently lack the confidence needed to do it. Many have been helped by this spell in these types of situations. It is best to do this spell during Scorpio. If the moon is waning when you cast the spell it won’t work. You can strengthen the magic that is being made if you spread out a green cloth on your work surface and wear green clothes.

You will need the following:

Fireproof dish
Writing paper
Silver ink
Silver pen
Green taper candle
White altar candle
Malachite crystal
One or two sprigs of parsley
White chrysanthemums or other type of seasonal flower

Use your silver ink and pen to write your favorite prayer or verse on your sheet of paper before you pick up your malachite crystal and hold it tight in one hand. While focusing on it and ask silent that you be blessed with being able to listen to what is being said to you with understanding and compassion and to allow you to speak with wisdom and assurance. Ask for your throat, ears and mouth to be blessed. Then light your green candle and take the paper that your prayer or verse is written on and set it on fire with the flame. Place the burning paper inside of your fireproof dish, and stand in front of the altar with your arms raised high over your head, and say the following:

Please listen to these words that I say,
Hear me as I pray,
May the blessing of wisdom be on my tongue and lips,
And may guidance be with the advice that I give.
Let this be done and let it harm no one.

Keep your thoughts focused on your green candle until it completely burns out. Then perform your closing ritual. As you are leaving your sacred space you can be confident that you will soon be blessed with wisdom.

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