A Spell Asking For The Courage You Need


The best day for doing this spell is Tuesdays because it provides the faint-hearted with a boldness. Cast the spell in Aires, on a Tuesday, when the moon is either full or waxing. Dress in red clothing and use a red cloth to cover your altar to provide your magic with added potency.

You will need the following:

Black pepper
Lavender essential oil
Essential oil burner
Sprigs of honeysuckle or holly
Red Taper candle
White Altar candle

While the air is being filled with the lavender oil fumes, sprinkle pepper on the burner. Light your white candle and then kneel down. Focus on the flame while you are asking silently for the courage to be able to face whatever challenges might lie ahead for you. Visualize yourself being triumphant in all situations. Light your red candle. Stand up to your full height while in front of your altar, holding your hands high over your head. Say these following words:

Courage and strength may I possess,
So what I fear, I can face.
Wining over to the other side,
Onto victory will I ride.
And let this be done, and let it harm no one.

Your spell is now cast. You will be able to boldly face the future.

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