Saying Goodbye Gently To An Ex


Even though you may not want to be in a relationship with your significant other anymore, that doesn’t mean that you don’t care about them. This spell helps you conclude your relationship without unnecessarily hurting any feelings.

Gather together the following the items. Find a slip of paper, a pen with black ink (a fountain pen is preferable), a white taper candle and a dish that can withstand fire.

Put the name of your significant other, the one that you want to break up with, on the paper. Once the ink will not smear any more, light the candle. Put the paper in the flame, allowing it to blacken and curl. As it crinkles, hold the paper where you can see it. Visualize the person moving away from you. Make sure you picture the separation. Once the paper becomes too difficult to hold, put it in the dish. As you watch the smoke, think about the person continuing on their life journey without you.

Bring the dish outside, to an elevated area if possible. Hold the ashes of the paper in your hand and chant the following words:

Wind to the North, Wind to the East,
Wind to the South, Wind to the West
Carry my feelings where they best
Be treasured.
Allow ***** to see
That the love they have isn’t right for me.
Let it be done, make sure it harms no one.

Once you have said those words, allow the ashes to float away with the wind, thinking good thoughts of your former love as they fly.

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