A Spell For Moving On After A Relationship Breakdown


It is difficult when a relationship does not work out. This spell will help you to move on, even if it is not easy. Wait until the moon wanes; consequently, you can also do this spell right after a new moon appears. You’ll need a root of bittersweet; be very careful, because this is poisonous. If you do not want to work with it, you can select something to use in lieu of it.

Gather together the following items. You need a picture of your ex, a dish that can withstand fire, a root of bittersweet, and a small red bag (preferably velvet).

Place the picture in the dish and set it on fire. As you watch the flames, think about your heartache and visualize it leaving your body, joining the smoke and then drifting off into the atmosphere. As this is happening, you can chant the following words:

Be gone from my heart and let me be free.
Erase all the pain from me.
My love becomes ashes and dust,
so help me do what I must.
Let it be done, make sure it harms no one.

Say the words over and over until all that is left of the picture is ashes. Exercising great care, hold the bittersweet and move it against your solar plexus. Picture any bad feelings that you have left moving into the root. Once you feel better, take the root and tap it lightly against your forehead. This symbolizes that your bad feelings have been vanquished and you are now lighter as a result.

End by putting the ashes and the root in the red bag. Whenever you go out of town, take the bag with you and find a place to bury it. Bring a photograph of your ex along as well, and after you bury the bag, think good thoughts of your former love.

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