Acceptance Spell For A Love Gone Astray


Unfortunately, love is not everlasting in all cases. Sometimes, it can change to indifference. If your once significant other needs help accepting that things have changed, this spell can help. Perform it on any day except for Tuesday.

Gather together the following items. Locate pumpkin seeds and a trowel. Draw a picture of your former love grinning at a new significant other.

Bring the pumpkin seeds outside and find a spot where you can be alone. Use the trowel to carve out a little hole. Breathe in through your nose, and then hold it for a minute. Breathe out through your mouth. Do this a few times. Picture your ex as if he or she were right there with you.

Now, visualize your old love walking away. As he or she moves on toward the horizon, bite one of the pumpkin seeds and then drop it in the hole. Do this as long as you need, until your ex completely disappears from the picture.

Think about what your new life will look like without this relationship. Picture all of the positives associated with this change. Contemplate how good this breakup will be for both of you. Once you have put the last pumpkin seed in the hole, add the drawing of your ex as well. Put dirt back over the top of it all, thinking good thoughts for your former love’s new life as you do. Once it is completely covered, get up, turn to go, and keep your gaze focused forward (not backward). Move into your new life with happiness and acceptance.

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