A Travel Remedy Spell That Will Assist You Wherever You Go


Everyone feels nervous before a big trip. It’s a fairly natural situation.

No matter how experienced you might be, there will come a time when you’re just worried about the outcome. You’ll want to cast this spell on a Wednesday, right before you leave if you can do so. Performing the ritual at mid-week symbolizes stability.

You can cast this spell for yourself, or for another.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 x small stone (one from your garden is best, but a local park will do)
1 x yellow candle
1 x part lavender essential oil
1 x essential oil burner
Yellow paint
Violet paint
1 x paintbrush

Light the oil burner as well as the yellow candle. Face towards the east, and paint the stone.

The east symbolizes new beginnings, and painting the stone yellow symbolizes you bringing the newness yourself. As the paint begins to dry, visualize yourself arriving safely.

Next, paint a violet triangle on the stone.

You’ll want to get the triangle sides as even as possible, but you don’t need to use a ruler or anything.

This is a symbol of air, and it represents that swift rush of change.

Remain facing eastward, holding the stone at eye level in front of you.

This is where you focus on filling the stone with protective energy. A phrase you can use is supplied below, but the important part is being able to center yourself and focus on your desire.

Oh guardian of the east

Fill this stone with your protection

I pray for safety on my journey to <Destination>

Guard <Name> and guide <Name> On the path of this journey

See <Name> home safely

Again, the important part is stating your desires and intentions into the open, so don’t worry if you have some ritual words you like better.

The stone is now a protective ward. Just carry it around as you travel. Some people prefer to put it in a consecrated pouch, but personally, any stone that travels with me understands that travel is grungy.

So I just keep it in my pocket.

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