Confidence Spell


This spell will enable you to gain confidence. It helps with females.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Angelica Root Powder
Boldo Leaf
Two bowls
Hot Sink Water
1 Regular Hand Towel

Casting Instructions for ‘Confidence Spell’

Take ONE spoonful of Angelica Root Powder and place it into your mixing bowl. Take the Barberry and place it in a bowl. Set on the temperature. DO NOT BOIL THE WATER! ONLY USE HOT SINK WATER! Get the sink water as hot as you can get it. Then run the water little by little. The water should be covering the barberry. Set the bowl for about 5 minutes. While the barberry is soaking, take one and a half bay leaf. You may blend or chop the bayleaf. (Blending is better). Add powder that is mixed or the pieces . Then chop or blend the leaf. Insert that also into the main powder mixture. After 5 minutes, the soaking mix needs to be done. Drain the water out and place a towel with the plant. YOU MAY ONLY USE A REGULAR TOWEL. Store the mix to a area that is compacted that is warm. Allow the barberry dry. Day: Take small petals from the barberry and add them. There should be barberry than anything else in the mix. Now, mix the mixture up. It should be put in a compacted container where it is being squeezed for a couple of hours. Sprinkle it when it’s done. WARNING: DON”T USE TOO MUCH OR YOU WILL BECOME OVERCONFIDENT!!!!!!

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