Love Letter


Read what it says.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Red pen
Red thread
Pink thread
Blue thread
red candle
Dried Rose blossom-(unblossomed)
Love oil

Casting Instructions for ‘Love Letter’

Parchment spell to attract a lover matching your hearts desire. Write this on the papper with the pen: Attract love and peace to me heart and my soulmatesoon, nevermore . Know exactly what pain my parchment spell, heartache and wounds repel. For night and love and trust day, I pray for you dear Aphrodite. Take 2 threads and make one 2 coloured thread out of it. Use: -pink blue for man and woman attraction, -Pink pink for woman and woman attraction, -and blue blue for man and man attraction. Roll the papper and tie the scroll. Tie it again. This is called a spell that was parchment And were gonna bring the ability of the herbs into the spell to make it even more powerful and effective! Put blossom rose and soak the rose in love oil. Let it absorb the oil and when it does, hold it to the candle flame and let it burn. As it burns the parchment in the smoke thats rose. The next part is extremely smoky and is suggested to perform in the outdoors! The parchment on both ends. . .when you see the two flames comming together, imagine that is you and your soulmate comming and meeting at the middlle. Or if you’re currently performing the spell for somebody else, of course you need to imagine someone else comming together with their soulmate! Inhale asmall amount of the smoke, and meditate on this spell. . .you might find a vision regarding this charm!!! Blessed be!

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