Love Invitation


This is a love invite to the man/woman of your dreams!! Bear in mind that I not wrote this spell. Out was in a book by Gwinivere Rain.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Apple sweet drink or juice
Piece of paper that is white
Red pen
Pinch of ground cinnamon
Red envelope

Casting Directions for ‘Love Invitation’

Pour your special drink before you begin and bring it to your place; so that you don’t spill, place out out of the way. Put the white paper flat out in front of you and close your eyes. Think about all of the inner qualities you desire on your partner (honest, caring, thoughtful, etc.). When you’ve got a comprehensive list, use the top half if the paper to jot it down.
Softly read those ideals out loud and take a sip of your drink. Proceed to list the physical attributes of thee person you would like to have (tall, blonde hair,green eyes, etc.). Be as detailed as you would like. Talk those desires out and take another sip of your drink.
When You feel both lists have been completed, hold one hand over the newspaper and say this:

“I list this list for all that you are,
I call to you, be close, naught far.”

Continue by writing the poem directly

I do invite
My goals just and right,
Sprinkled after cinnamon spice,
For the kisses I crave, soft and nice,
Come to me with open heart,
Woven magick, start and start!

Now, draw a heart and then sign your name at the bottom. Have a pinch of cinnamon and sprinkle it on the invitation. Carefully fold the invitation, banking convinced. To complete the spell, place the paper in the envelope and write thee words “harm none”on the front

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