Beauty of Aphrodite


Beauty improving spell to make you or your planned become.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Apple of any kind
Pomegranate (juice, tea, fruit, anything)
3 pink candles
1 red candle
1 white candle

Casting Instructions for ‘Beauty of Aphrodite’

Take the apple and cut it or consume it until you reach the apple core. Then fill a bath tub with water including the apple in the core or half. Insert a tablespoon of honey, whatever you have, the pomegranate, and be sure to mix the ingredients well. This is going to be a ritual soak for beauty.

Light then the white the red candle, and the 3 candles. Place on a flat surface around the bath tub before you soak. Prior to getting in the tub, stand in front of the tub. Remove all and any clothing. Be sure that you won’t be interrupted while performing this ritual. Close and lock the bathroom door. Rub and touch your body anywhere you would like your attractiveness.

Chant: Aphrodite I call upon the Goddess of beauty thee, love, and sexuality. I request of you to bless me. This is my desire to become beautiful, I ask of you Goddess. From the back of my neck into the arch in my feet, Aphrodites attractiveness take me over. So mote it be, as I will it!

You might enter the bath and soak for. When you are finished blow out the candles one by one.

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