Beauty and Attraction


This is a beauty spell I wrote that can also be used for attraction.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Rose Petals
Bowl of Spring Water
Rose Quartz
Black and Pink Candles

Casting Directions for ‘Beauty and Attraction’

On a moon, cast a circle. Light the candles. Take the bowl of increased petls and wash each one separately. As you wash them say: With each petal I wash let my beauty grow, My skin as perfect and white as snow, My hair shiny and golden as flax, Soft as melted candle wax, My body, perfect, curvy, and slender, My belly, hard and trim, My lips, shapely and full, My eyes, heavily lashed like wool Take the roses and spring water, and pour them in a bowl. Mix with the perfume. Anoint with the mix behind neck elbows, wrists, your knees, and temples. As you do this state- Let my body morph into perfection, And bring every mans affection, Every flaw goes away, And best features increase and remain, allow me to become so beautiful, That every man to me I pull, By no hurt and by no hassle, Let this charm bring only gain, By the power of three and three, As I will so may it be Take the rose petals out of the mixture. Boil in water to soften, and mix with honey. Wear as a face mask that night. Repeat the anointing of this mixture three times per day. On the entire moon at midnight, poor the remaining mixture into a creek.

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