This is how to attract a boy/girl you like or if you already have a boyfriend/girlfriend, it will just, attract.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Your Voice
Any Gemstone
A mirror
A candle (**OPTIONAL**)
A DNA fragment of the other person. (Hair, sweat, etc)
3 kinds of tree leaves
Glass (not the cup)
A picture of you

Casting Instructions for ‘Attraction’

What you do, if you have a candle, light it. Or incsense. Who cares…OKAY, take the DNA fragment, and put it on the mirror. It should reflect. Take the picture of you. Kiss the mirror. Let the mirror shine on the two pieces. Place the 3 tree leaves in a triangle around the mirror. Put the gemstone ontop of the DNA and picture, and say this:

How do we compare Oh howI should really dare… The gods and goddesses make power upon thee, make (name of person) come to me, love will be enpowered my beauty/handsomeness will be showered I mote it be!

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