Attraction Pouch


To help get a little bit more noticed, or make it easier to talk to your crush or loved one.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 small pouch
1 heart shaped quarts
1 small piece of paper
Salt (black or white is fine)
1 rose (or any flower if you dont have a rose)

Casting Instructions for ‘Attraction Pouch’

Hold the heart shaped quarts in both of your palms. Visualize what you want this spell to do as you send energy through your palms and into the quarts. (AKA: meditate)

After youve charged your quarts, put it into the small pouch. Sprinkle the salt into the pouch with the intention of your spell in mind. Take one rose/flower pettle and put it into the pouch. Take a small piece of paper and write down your intentions. (mention the goddess or put a symbol like a penticle on it if you want, like a seal.)

Put the piece of paper into the pouch and close it. Shake up the pouch a little and say what ever chant you feel is right. (Blessed be, Mote it be, ect.) Put the pouch in your back pack, suitcase, or in your pocket so that you have it on you.

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